First question.......WHY DO YOU CARE????

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Since I really didn't get your answer to the above question, I will assume that you really seem to care about what this page says.

I live in the Dallas / Ft. Worth, Texas area (towards Dallas), and am an EDI/EC (Electronic Data Interchange / Electronic Commerce) Manager for a large international Manufacturer of Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration equipment (Lennox). As an EDI/EC Manager, it falls within my job function to keep apprized of the uses our companies wish to make of the Internet. Consequently, I get to spend some of my time on the Internet as part of my job function!!

For more of personal notes: I will be 39 with 3 years experience in June. I have two daughters (ages 2 and 6) one wife of 19 years (aged 29 with LOTS of experience), 1 dog, 2 birds, and one fish. Hobbies include: Internet (um....."Duh!"), Disney and Mickey Mouse collection, old Radio Shows and Movies, Dallas history, JFK assassination, and anything else that will get me out of the house for a few hours drinking beer and surrounded by fun people.

History: I was born in Dallas back in 1955, and lived here until my parents divorced, and my brother and I moved to Denver, Colorado with our mother, stepfather, and his 4 kids, in July of 1963. However; I still consider myself a 'full' Texan, as I came back and visited both my father and grandparents for almost the entire summer every year. I returned to Texas, as I always wanted to, in July of 1983; so I spent about 20 years in Denver.

I attended public school in the Westminster/Thornton area of north Denver, and graduated from Ranum High School in the class of 1973. I then kicked around dozens of jobs, including: about anything you can imagine in a restaurant from Manager to Bus Boy, 7-11 Manager, brick plant worker, hotel night auditor, bellman, desk clerk, real estate salesman, insurance salesman, AVIS Rent-a-Car service agent, and theater manager. After many years of this, I returned to college, got my degree, moved to Dallas, and started working for Lennox.

The job I stayed at the longest was Theater Manager for a chain of theaters. (Hence my interest in old movies, and radio shows which I was turned on to by a Projectionist friend of mine.) I have managed about 9 different Drive-In Theaters in the Denver area, including the North Star Drive-in. The North Star Drive-in (now a warehouse for an electronic store) was the largest single screen drive-in west of the Mississippi, with a maximum capacity of 1948 cars! The distance from the projection booth to the huge outdoor screen was over 1/10th of a mile. (We used to have projector manufacturers come out and try to test their new models, and blew up quite a few!!) It was the single most fun job I have ever had, and I can tell lots of stories about busting sneak-ins, the parties on the lot (movie goers and personnel), and about anything else that happens at a drive-in. It is an era that has faded, which is a real shame.
After all, how many of you were conceived in a drive-in??

Now, since I was born in Dallas, returned here every year, and am now living in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, I need to clarify something. I absolutely am NOT a fan of the Dallas Cowboys!! I mean, I have always followed the team and keep abreast of what they are doing, and they have GREAT Cheerleaders and all, but I do not care for the Dallas Cowboy so-called FANS. Texas Stadium is a small little place that only holds about 65,000 people. And even though the "Irving Crowboys" have been a championship team throughout its 36 year history, they are still subject to blackouts because they can't always find 65,000 die-hard fans in a metropolitan area of over 4 million people. The fans do not deserve a championship team of this caliber.

Having lived in Denver, Colorado during my growing years, when I became interested in football, I have become a die-hard Denver Broncos fan!!! And you should know that the Denver fans are some of the best in the world. As a comparison, Mile High Stadium is the oldest active stadium in the NFL, holds over 75,000 people, and has been sold out for over 270 CONSECUTIVE Bronco home games. And this is from a metro area that has under 2 million people (counting Denver and the 4 surrounding counties)!! I have been a die-hard fan long before they won the last 2 Superbowls!!!

I guess that is enough about me for this page. I may come back later and add some family shots or other data, as requested. Be sure to let me know you were here!!!!!

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