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D in the Heart of Texas             

Jerry T. Dealey

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November 1963, Why Dallas? (Part 2)

Early History of Texas
The Europeans and American Settlers
John Neely Bryan – And Other Early Founders
Some Wheeling-Dealing to Grow a City
George Bannerman Dealey
The Dallas Morning News is Born
The Great 1908 Flood
G. B. Promotes Other Early Dallas Growth
The "City of Hate"
Building the ‘Subway’, Triple Underpass, Dealey Plaza
The Other Buildings Around Dealey Plaza
The Elder G. B. Dealey
The Dallas "Citizens Council"
The ‘Right Wing’ Direction of Dallas - "City of Hate" Revisited
A ‘Turn-Around’ for the Dallas Morning News
The Pre-November ‘Hate’ Incidents
Dallas’ Law Enforcement
November 1963, Why Dallas?
Dealey Plaza Changes To-Date

So why Dallas? Dallas was a city that John Kennedy did not win in the 1960 Presidential election. Although Texas itself voted predominately Democrat, Dallas (as usual) was a Republican stronghold. It was one of the largest cities in the United States, so if Kennedy was trying to “shore up” support within and without the Democratic party, and was coming to Texas for this purpose, Dallas was not a city he could “thumb his nose” at and ignore. He had to at least try to come to Dallas and get his message out, so that he could possibly pick up votes for 1964.

If you believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was the “Lone Nut” assassin that the Warren Commission says he was, and all of the ‘sinister’ connections, events and associations before, during and after those 6-8 seconds in Dealey Plaza, then the question of “Why Dallas?” is obvious. It was a “spur of the moment” thing that Oswald decided to do, once he knew the motorcade was going to pass by the building in which he worked. It is no more sinister than that. If it had not been Dallas, then Oswald would not have killed Kennedy. This is the Opportunity and Happenstance reason, that says simply that it was only in Dallas that Oswald had the opportunity, since this is where he lived. This logic dictates that the Assassination could have happened in “any city”, and Dallas was just the recipient of bad luck because that was where Oswald was.

But if you believe in any kind of Conspiracy at all, whether involving Oswald or not, then it is possible that Dallas was selected by the conspirators as the site.

But there may have been two other reasons that conspirators might have selected Dallas as the site for the Assassination. One of these is that the conspirators may in some way have Controlled the Dallas Police. Some believe that LBJ, Dallas-based business leaders, or Dallas independent oilmen, may have planned and arranged the Assassination. The theory goes that certain members of the Dallas city government or even the Dallas Police Department may have been part of the conspiracy itself. The theory goes that LBJ, the Dallas oilmen, or other Dallas leaders could control the investigation, and could control the Dallas Police force, since Dallas was run by the Dallas Citizens’ Council.

The third theory is that the Conspirators Used Dallas, because of its politics. This theory goes that the Dallas Police and other investigators would be very happy to believe that a “Communist Nut” did it, and would not look any farther. This in itself would be useful, if Oswald was a scapegoat set up by the conspirators to take the fall. Of course, Ruby may have been set up to silence Oswald anyway, but the willingness of the Dallas Police Department to believe it was a Communist could have been highly useful. Whether it was part of a pre-Assassination conspiracy or not, this theory was useful for the Federal Government to shut down any investigation beyond Oswald, according to most theorists.

Of course, it is not certain that any of the political attitudes in Dallas were at all related to the Assassination conspiracy, if there was one. If Oswald was truly the “Lone Nut”, Dealey Plaza was just his opportunity. And it could certainly be said that Oswald was not a product of the right-wing political attitudes of Dallas! Dallas’ politics definitely assisted in the ‘cover-up’ (if any), and the stopping of any investigation beyond Oswald’s involvement. Dallas law enforcement was immediately satisfied that this Communist sympathizer was their man, and hardly pursued any other leads or eyewitness reports to the contrary.

At any rate, although many of the people of Dallas disagreed with a lot of the policies and principles John F. Kennedy represented, and many feared and resented this “brash, Ivy League, Irish-Mafia, Catholic, rich boy, who appeared soft on Communism”, many others greatly admired and respected him. Either way, almost all Dallas citizens were extremely shocked and saddened when our quiet, little known (outside of Dallas), “Western Gateway park”, known as Dealey Plaza, was thrust into the world’s attention as the site of one of the most horrific crimes of the century!

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