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D in the Heart of Texas             

Jerry T. Dealey

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Early History of Texas

Early History of Texas
The Europeans and American Settlers
John Neely Bryan – And Other Early Founders
Some Wheeling-Dealing to Grow a City
George Bannerman Dealey
The Dallas Morning News is Born
The Great 1908 Flood
G. B. Promotes Other Early Dallas Growth
The "City of Hate"
Building the ‘Subway’, Triple Underpass, Dealey Plaza
The Other Buildings Around Dealey Plaza
The Elder G. B. Dealey
The Dallas "Citizens Council"
The ‘Right Wing’ Direction of Dallas - "City of Hate" Revisited
A ‘Turn-Around’ for the Dallas Morning News
The Pre-November ‘Hate’ Incidents
Dallas’ Law Enforcement
November 1963, Why Dallas?
Dealey Plaza Changes To-Date

Dallas now sits in the area of the “Three Forks” of the Trinity River. The Trinity roams its way up from the Gulf of Mexico, and Galveston Bay, to an area just south and east of present day Dealey Plaza. At this point, the East Fork of the Trinity River splits off and heads north. The rest of the Trinity curves west and north to a point less than a mile northwest of Dealey Plaza, where the river again divides into the Elm Fork and the West Fork of the Trinity.

Dallas - Ft. Worth is the largest metropolitan area in the United States not built on a navigable waterway. The US metropolitan areas larger than it include New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boston, and Detroit, all of which have either one of the “Great Lakes” or a saltwater harbor. And unlike Denver, Dallas - Ft. Worth does not have mountain passes close by as a reason for its existence. However, what Dallas does have is “Austin Chalk”, or limestone.

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