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If you are planning a trip to Dallas, and are interested in the Kennedy Assassination, you OWE IT TO YOURSELF to get the best tour of Dealey Plaza, and the many other Assassination related sites!

Book a private tour, for yourself or group...

If so, be sure to eMail me at the following link: or call 214-886-3209 now.

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Be aware of your spam filters! I recently had a gentlman eMail me 3 times for Tour Information, but his spam filter would not accept messages from any of my eMails! It does no good to contact us, if we have no phone or other method to contact you! (June, 2007)

Fun tours for the novice on the JFK Assassination,
up to the most experienced Researcher!

Tour doesn't fit your needs? Need a Public Speaker for your group, event, conference, church or meeting? Instead of a daytime tour, we have presentations exploring the JFK assassination events, and the theories surrounding it.

Tours are conducted as part of Dealey Tours, run by Jerry Dealey, eMail:

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We regularly conducts tours of the Assassination sites, Bonnie & Clyde, the Dallas area, and Waco and other areas of Texas.

We typically specialize in personal tours, of about 1 to 3 people (or 4 - if 3 can fit in the back of a "full size" vehicle). However, we can handle larger groups, and can schedule busses, or step onto your bus, or come to your corporate or meeting site to do story telling, and other historical information.

Don't settle for a PACKAGE tour, in a bus of strangers. They may dress up with coat and tie, but they follow a script and take you where their script tells them to go. They also follow a schedule that follows that script, which often rushes you through the sites. They have not done the Research,and cannot answer questions, or vary from the memorized script. They often talk down to the lowest understanding level on the trolley.(I mean, how much script can they really tell you in 45 to 60 minutes? )

Don't make your tour a too fast "drive by", with a crowd of strangers, and a driver who cannot answer questions! We do private party tours, and pay attention to your questions and understanding.

The guys selling the newspapers and magazines in Dealey Plaza may also offer you a walking tour of the Plaza, in exchange for an expected gratuity at the end. Many of them are just trying to get the tip, or sell their merchandise, and are likely to say almost anything! (We often overhear many of their questionable statements.)

There is also now a "programmed tour" available from the Sixth Floor Museum, where you can get a tour of Dealey Plaza and the JFK Memorial on your cell phone. Again, you might get a basic understanding of the Plaza and area, but are unable to ask questions, or hear details that are politically risky to mention.

We show you what you want to see, and answer your questions, but we can also give tours to the un-initiated, or to the most advanced Researcher.

We may look more casual, but we give tours that are based on what you want to see. We will spend as much time as you need at a particular site, and explain what happened there, the controversies, and debates relating to the events of that day.

We can do this because we know the history, instead of simply having memorized the script!

David Giammarco (E. Howard Hunt friend & film producer), Jerry Dealey and the late Ken Holmes


GOODLOOKING Jerry Dealey: A member of the famous Dealey family of Dallas. His Great Granduncle was George Bannerman Dealey, the founder of The Dallas Morning News, and for whom Dealey Plaza was named. Also cousin to Commander Samuel D. Dealey, Jr., the captain of the US Submarine Harder, Medal Of Honor winner, and the most decorated Sailor in World War 2. Jerry was born in Dallas, and has had family or lived here all of his life.

Jerry is very active in the JFK Assassination Research Community. In addition to giving tours, Jerry is highly active in Forums and other electronic analysis of the case. He knows and exchanges ideas with many of the Researchers, Authors, Witnesses, and Investigators. Jerry has appeared on local Television to discuss the Kennedy Assassination, as a public speaker, and appeared in documentary films on the subject. (A Coup in Camelot ) Jerry has published a book on the history of Dallas, and Dealey Plaza, and has published many articles on the Assassination.

Jerry is known in the Research Community as a "Fence Sitter", in that he cannot be 100% positive of Oswald's sole involvement, or prove a conspiracy. As such, he can evaluate all sides of any argument, and sees the pro and cons with either side. He does not have any "pet theory" that he has to 'protect', so can cover every side of every theory. However, he does read every book and other material on the case he can.

In addition to Jerry's Kennedy research, he has authored a book on the history of Dallas, Dealey Plaza, the Dealey family, and The Dallas Morning News. (below) He is an active Docent at the historic Hall of State in Fair Park, as well as a Docent at the Dallas County Old Red Courthouse Museum in Dealey Plaza.

(Photo is of Jerry inside the jail cell where Oswald and Ruby stayed in Dallas Police custody.)


JFK Assassination and Oswald tour: Of course the tour will include walking Dealey Plaza, covering both the history of the Plaza itself, along with the events of November 22, 1963. We can tailor the length of the tour to fit your needs, and time constraints.

We will provide transportation for up to 4 people to the various related locations. We can also provide larger vehicles, or even a coach bus for up to 50 people, if your group should require it.

You should also plan on going through The Sixth Floor Exhibit at Dealey Plaza, either just before, or just after the tour. (A tour through the exhibit is annoying to the other patrons, so silence is the rule.)

Additionally, the tour will include the Oak Cliff sites, where Oswald lived, the shooting of Officer J. D. Tippit, and the escape and arrest of Oswald. Optional areas of Oak Cliff include various houses in which the Oswalds lived, the apartment house where Jack Ruby lived, and other locations of interest.

Depending on your time requirements, we can also include Love Field and the Motorcade Route, the former house of Edwin Walker, Parkland Hospital, and the Dallas Trade Mart. Naturally, we will also swing by the Dallas Police Department where Oswald was shot. The tour can also be tailored (time permitting) to include the former Ruth Paine house, as well as Rose Hill Cemetery, where Oswald is buried. Other locations of interest are often added, as our guests interests are determined.

GOODLOOKING Freda Dillard: The owner and primary tour guide of DFW Historical Tours. Freda was born in Dallas and, except for her high school years, has lived in Dallas County all her life. Her father was a Dallas Police officer for 30 years, and involved with the JFK Assassination, and other Dallas events. Through him and others she has had the privilege to know and learn from - eyewitnesses, other police officers, investigators and other noted historians - she has acquired a knowledge of the JFK Assassination that she loves sharing with others.

Freda is also our tour guide for our Bonnie and Clyde tour, Dallas:Then and Now, Fort Worth/Stockyards and Southfork tours. As with the JFK tour, her knowledge goes well beyond what can be read in a book. If you would like to see a rodeo on Friday or Saturday evening, that can be arranged also.

We will tailor your tour to what you want to see, whether you just know a little (or nothing), or are an experienced Assassination Researcher.

Some of our recent feedback!

Although initially I had some difficulties contacting and communicating with Jerry (a lot of it had to do with my living in Saudi Arabia!) the minute I met him outside the Texas Book Depository I knew that this was going to be one of those you-just-can't-put-a-price-on-this kind of tours.

Although we didn't enter the Depository building itself (this is made clear in the website) Jerry was able to make clear some fascinating features about its layout (along with photos) that really enhanced my visit the next day.

He started with a general description of the area which clarified the logistics of the event and aftermath and set a mental map of the important sites.

It is at this point that the avalanche of trajectory numbers, witness names, place names, dates (and maybe even what Oswald had for breakfast!) issuing forth from Jerry makes you feel like you have managed to nab THE guy in Dallas you dreamt of getting to understand the event.

We strolled down to the grassy knoll area where Jerry politely greeted the harmless nut-jobs who have a little stand there. I actually felt sorry for all the poor plebs milling about when the one-man-encyclopedia on the shooting(s) is
right here...but he's mine ha ha ha suckers!!

Then we got to his car and drove out to Love Field to experience the cortege route. During the drive Jerry played the relevant radio despatches which really amped up the atmosphere. Then down to the site , under the overpass and off to Parkland (not worth going into as the original area has been eaten up in expansions).

We next followed Oswald's escape route and on to his fatal meeting with Officer Tippit. Again, recording of the (at times frantic) police dispatches made the whole scene come alive.

Jerry at no point spoke in rote but sounded spontaneous and incredibly well informed. He was happy to linger at any location and responded to my inane questions with patience and exactitude.

Opting for the deluxe full day tour (why not if you're only going to do it once), we went out to Oswald's grave which you need a guide to find as requests for its location are refused by the cemetery.

We ended the tour at the site of Oswald's arrest (having stopped previously at the ramp leading down to the site of Oswald's transfer and the Ruby shooting).
Gerry even offered to hang around if I wanted to have a beer in the cinema to mark the end of the day!

Two more interesting things about Jerry:
Despite his passionate interest in the subject he at no time tries to influence you one way or another as to the various theories surrounding the events.

Secondly, when I asked him if he was interested in other political assassinations (RFK. MLK, Lincoln...) he said he was but wished to focus his intellectual powers on the JFK killing alone....and that's what you get to tap into for a few precious hours!!

I just hope that someone reading this will give the subject the respect it deserves and study under the master and not the charlatans who ply their trade in Dallas.

I've hired a lot of guides in a lot of countries but Jerry is up there in the top 3....or maybe he's number 1!!!! If you're lucky enough to get him, hold on to your hats and enjoy the real Deal(ey) experience!!

Niall McDonagh (June 4 2017)

(June 2014)

Thanks again for the Outstanding tour you gave me on May 9th 2014.

I have waited ALL of my adult life to make a trip to the JFK assassination site. and you made my 50 years of waiting well worth it!! I have read numerous books and watched all media content regarding jFK,but the time spent with you was STILL very enlightening.

Whether someone knows little or a lOT about this historic event,You have something to give to them. Hope to see you again soon.

Thanks again,

Darrell Brown

(April, 2014)

My wife, Jayna, and I had the pleasure of touring JFK assassination-related sites with Jerry in Dallas on April 10, 2014 and it was a truly memorable experience. We have both been students of the assassination for decades, but in those three hours with Jerry we gained a perspective we never had before. We saw everything we wanted to see, and a few sites we didn’t know about--lots of things off the beaten path. Jerry’s knowledge and grasp of the information is mind-boggling, and he allows you to draw your own conclusions about what happened. We felt like it was November 22, 1963. Sure, you can take one of the generic treks across the city, but if you want to gain a true understanding of what happened that day, do yourself a favor and really SEE it. You will be happy that you did. Thank you, Jerry!!

Keith and Jayna Huotari
Iron Mountain, MI

(March, 2014)

I just wanted to say, thank you so much for your hospitality. The tour was fantastic and beyond my expectations, your research into the case and experience were so helpful. After 30 plus years of research myself, I couldn’t have picked a more knowledgeable and gracious guide to take my first tour of Dealey Plaza. I never thought when I picked up the Warren Commission Report 30 years ago that I would actually be standing some day in Dealey Plaza, but when I did I’m so glad it was with someone who had the experience and patience to listen as well as talk.

I will definitely be back some day with my wife Joan and I promised her that we would tour with you, if that’s possible, I know she will be blown away as I was.

Thanks a million

Bobby Valentine

(Nov, 2013)

Hi, Jerry. Thanks for another amazing Saturday morning in Dallas with you. I was 13 years old when this all went down, and it had a profound affect on me. I believe it's why I decided to become a US History teacher. To be able to stand in Oswald's room, and to be inside Dallas Police Headquarters, are experiences I know I will carry with me for the rest of my days. All the best to you and I hope our historical paths cross again one day.

Robert Frost

Hi Jerry!

Thanks to my tour with you, where I walked the route taken by Oswald, I am more convinced he was moving with a sense of reaching a certain place in a short amount of time. This is an evolving Oswald who would claim to be a patsy. Thank you for the tip on your CD lecture covering these ideas. Our trip in your company remains a highlight of our travels.

Best regards,

Jack and Jackie Oakes

(Aug, 2013) Dear Jerry,

Never having been to Dallas before, I wanted to make sure I was able to tour all the spots I wanted to see relevant to the assassination of JFK. The last thing I wanted, however, was to be going around in a tour bus with 60 other people with the driver or a guide on the intercom telling me “facts” about the places I was visiting and the people involved. This isn’t the tour bus at the Magic Kingdom, nor did I wanted to be treated that way.

I am a pretty knowledgeable JFK assassination researcher – my girlfriend, not so much so, but she was interested nonetheless.

The point here is that Jerry’s assassination tour was great because it accomplished the main thing I was trying to stay away from: having this be a tour-guided event with 40-80 other people, all with varying knowledge/interest in this case. Yet, I was able to have a presentation that both someone very knowledgeable about the case could enjoy, right alongside with someone who knew very little about the case and the events that led up to and during the assassination, as well as the events that have occurred since.

Jerry uses a smaller vehicle and can make this a tour where he can answer your questions and cater it to the things you want to see and/or talk about.

It is well worth the money to anyone with a deep interest in the case, and all the landmarks of that day. Whether you believe the Warren Commission word-for-word or you believe in conspiracy – or you fall somewhere in between, this is a great tour because Jerry is most definitely a fence-sitter and presents “facts” and opinions that fall on both sides. He speaks clearly, has a genuine interest in the case, has pictures and other items of interest he also brings along to help with understanding of the many details of this case. Ryan Lisk

(June, 2013) Dear Jerry,

I'd like to thank you for the excellent JFK tour yesterday. Your knowledge and expertise were so amazing that Takako, Eimi and myself could have an unforgettable experience in Dallas. Especially for me, long-cherished dream has come true since you covered all the sites I wanted to visit with your explanation from the wide range of view as well as focusing on the facts. I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed your tour. Thank you again and I hope we can keep in touch.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Tomohiko Oda

Hi Jerry,

I wanted to thank you for the excellent JFK Tour that you took us on a couple of weeks ago. It was really exciting for me to be in all of those places that history was made. I am reading a lot on the Assassination and watching many interviews with the witnesses.

Your knowledge of the events is incredible and I hope to return soon for another tour, maybe spending more time in certain areas. After Dallas, we did get to tour the JFK Library and his birthplace in Brookline.

Thank you again and enjoy the rest of the summer.

Ed Ferdinand

Dear Jerry, I cannot tell you how much Kurt, Jimmy and I enjoyed your tour. You were so knowledgeable. The pace fast;
coverage thorough.And seeing the actual layout of the events so important to understanding this important
historical event.

Thank you again for your time and expertise. We will certainly recommend you to friends and colleagues
travelling to Dallas.



Hey Jerry -

Thanks so much for an AMAZING experience in Dallas. Truly one of the most unique, thorough and interesting tours i've ever done - from both a historical and conspiracy point of view.

All the best.

Ben Davis

Dear Jerry -

Thank you again for a wonderful tour....Chris was amazed that you took us to so many places that he has wanted to see for so long......his words exactly couldn't have made this any more custom to his interests. he has spent so many thousands of hours read and watching things on the JFK assassination, that to actually put a real place to all that he has read and watch was overwhelming. Thank you again for making his dream a reality and for helping me give him the best Christmas/Birthday present ever. we are definately going to visit again and hope that we can get to visit love field and parkland hospital also. Thank you...

Gina & Chris

Other tours:

Bonnie and Clyde tour: Ken Holmes owned the final shoot-out car from the 1967 movie, "Bonnie and Clyde", starring Faye Dunaway and Clyde Beatty. In addition, Ken is a co-owner of the "Ambush! Bonnie and Clyde Museum", in Gibsland, Louisiana. One of his most popular tours is to see where the outlaw couple lived, grew up and are buried in Dallas, their home town.

Dallas: Then and Now tour: Another of our popular tours gives an overview and history of "Big D". Of course, this include Dealey Plaza, the birthplace of Dallas. Other sites of interest are Pioneer Cemetary (Shawnee Trail cattle drive), historic Fair Park, Farmers Market, Old Red Courthouse, the historic Hall of State, Victory Plaza, Heritage Village, Gilley's and other locations that make "Big D" famous. Locations such as SouthFork and Texas Stadium can be covered, although some are a good drive out and may not fit within your time line.

Cowtown: Fort Worth: Historic Fort Worth is "Where the West Begins" (and according to newspaperman Amon Carter, Dallas is "where the East peters out"). This tour includes the sights of Downtown Ft Worth, the famous StockYards, Billy Bob's Texas ("The World's Largest Honky Tonk"), and many other sites of the beautiful Texas city.

Other tours available: We have many other tours available. We can mix-and-match features of all of our tours (however, time constraints are a problem with mixing in very different locations).

C'mon!... Lose that tie, and get comfortable (we usually do). Come join us for a fun, relaxed tour!

eMail us now! (return to top)

eMail is the best method to contact us, so that we have a reminder for follow-up, and way to contact you. We do not send out spam, or put you on lists! However, some people do not have eMail, and should call Jerry Dealey at 214-886-3209. If he is on a tour, you will get his voice mail.

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(This book is an essential history for anyone who has ever been to, or has an interest in Dealey Plaza, the Dallas, Texas site of the November 22, 1963 assassination of President, John F. Kennedy.)

“Your book is great -- fills a void in all the written works on Dallas / JFK.” - Robert White, Researcher, and owner of the traveling JFK personal item collection Let Us Begin: The JFK Presidential Exhibit

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